7 Reasons to Run a Criminal Background Check in 2020

Many people are surprised to learn that it’s legal to run a criminal background check on someone.

Yes, running a criminal background check on someone is perfectly legal in many situations. Many people run a background check before going on a date, for example. Others snoop on coworkers or neighbors.

Searching Criminal Background Check on Laptop

Here are some of the most common reasons to run a criminal background check in 2020:

Verify Your Next Date: The proliferation of dating apps has made it easier than ever to hook up with randoms. Unfortunately, many people also use dating apps to mask their identity. Fight back by running a criminal background check on your next date. Whether you run the check before the first, second, or third date is up to you.

Protect your Family: Worried about a new neighbor? Curious about a coach or teacher? Your child interacts with plenty of people during an average day. A simple criminal background lookup can give you valuable peace of mind.

Snoop on Coworkers: Is your new coworker divorced or married? Did your boss really get charged with sexual harassment last year? Does Dave from accounting really have three DUIs? Check the records of your bosses or coworkers to gain surprising insight.

Find Criminal, Arrest, and Police Records for Anyone: Criminal record checks let you quickly find arrest records, police records, criminal charges, and other information for anyone you interact with.

Marriage and Divorce Records: A records lookup can reveal more than just criminal charges; it can also reveal marriage and divorce records. Find out which one of your friends, relatives, coworkers, or bosses is married or divorced. All marriage and divorce records are publicly available through your county’s records department.

Verify your Neighbors: Your neighbors make or break a community. A good neighbor can be trusted to watch your house when you’re away. A bad neighbor will rob you. Use a criminal record check to verify the public records of homes in your neighborhood. Find out which of your neighbors is a sexual predator, for example. Or, get the age and phone number of people in your community.

Check Ages: Is one of your coworkers lying about her age? Are you curious how old your child’s teacher or coach really is? A background check can reveal complete birth date information.

Ultimately, checking a criminal record is a legal and common thing to do. If the record check comes back clean – then that’s great! You’ve earned added peace of mind. If the record check comes back with some previously-undisclosed information, then you may have just protected you and your family from a disaster.

Try out a search with Check Criminal Record (CheckCriminalRecord.com) or check state and county arrest record databases to discover surprising information about the people around you.