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Do you want to search arrest records or lookup a criminal background check on somebody?

Criminal records are accessible to the public. It’s legal to look up someone’s criminal record. At Check Criminal Record, our goal is to help you investigate someone’s past – or even lookup your own criminal record online.

If you’re wondering how to look up criminal records for a specific person or someone you know, Check Criminal Record is dedicated to providing expert help so you can find the correct information you are seeking about someone through searching public records.

Whether you’re checking a criminal background in Texas, Florida, or any other part of the country, Check Criminal Record provides a fast and affordable online records search service available nationwide from our website.

Our specialists are available to help when needed to carefully comb through government records to find the information you need. Whether you’re checking someone’s criminal history or just running a public records search, we can answer important questions about the people around you.

With Check Criminal Record It’s Easy To Search And Find Someone’s Criminal Arrest History

How To Check Someone’s Criminal Record

Checking criminal records or arrest records is a straightforward process.

However, you can’t just search Google to look up someone’s criminal background and find reliable information or the full details. The information is accessible to the public. But it’s not widely available online.

In most states, you need to individually request arrest records through a government organization.

In Texas, for example, you would request arrest records through the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Inside that department, there’s a division called the Computerized Criminal History division. There, you’ll find a central repository for all Texas arrest records.

All local police departments in Texas report to the CCH and DPS. Thus, when someone is arrested anywhere in Texas, that information will show up via a request.
Most other states have an identical system with similar names.

Can I Look Up Anyone’s Criminal Record?

Many states prevent an Average Joe like you from checking someone’s complete criminal record.

Some types of arrest records, for example, cannot be completely revealed unless you’re an official representative of the government, a criminal justice organization, or a private agency.

That’s why many people have turned to specialized search services and agencies like Check Criminal Record.

How Much Does It Cost To Search & Find Criminal Records?

Cost To Search Criminal Records

Some state organizations require you to pay a small fee. That fee covers the costs of mailing the documents to your address.Typically, you can pay that fee by credit card or personal check.

Private criminal record checking agencies also charge their own small service fees. Typically, search services will charge either a monthly subscription fee or a one-time fee.

Certain people – like lawyers who frequently need to check criminal records – may pay a monthly subscription fee to check an unlimited number of people. Most people, however, who only want to check one or two criminal records, are happy to pay a small one-time fee.

Why Should I Pay A Search Agency To Find A Criminal Record?

Many criminal records are unavailable to the public. The state may only reveal criminal history records to an official representative of a law enforcement organization, for example.

However, there are specialized criminal record search companies – including Check Criminal Record – that specialize in getting you the information you need. Authorized representatives of these companies know the right places to look, the right people to contact, and the right strings to pull to check someone’s complete criminal record.

Ultimately, if you want to check someone’s complete criminal record, then your best bet is to work with a specialized search service. You pay a small fee – but you get a complete answer to your question.

Keep in mind that checking someone’s criminal record is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Millions of people are arrested every year across America. Someone has to search through these arrest records to find the specific ones you need.

What Shows Up In A Criminal Record Check?

What Shows Up In A Criminal Record CheckCriminal record searches can reveal all different types of arrests and criminal activities along with other public records about the individual.

The reports for arrest records range from class B misdemeanors to felonies. You’ll also find things like traffic tickets, speeding tickets, and even arrests where all charges were dropped.



Top 6 Reasons To Run A Criminal Background Check

People run criminal background checks for all sorts of reasons. It’s a perfectly legal and common thing to do. Here are some of the reasons our customers use our services:

  • Find Criminal, Arrest, and Police Records: Police records, traffic and speeding tickets, misdemeanors, felonies, and a wide range of other reports can show up in a public records check.
  • Protect your Family and Children: Search and find if you have any sex offenders living in your neighborhood or interacting with your children (like coaches or teachers).
  • Protect Yourself from Dating a Fraud: People aren’t always who they say they are. Find out if the person you’re dating is honest.
  • Search for Those You Work With: Check your coworkers or boss’s criminal record and find sexual harassment charges, drunk driving arrests, and other embarrassing or dangerous incidents.
  • Marriage and Divorce Records: Find out which of your friends, relatives, coworkers, or bosses is married or divorced. This information is publicly available in county records.
  • Check Your Neighbors: Are your neighbors being honest with you? Check the public records of homes around you to find someone who may have a criminal history or be a registered sex offender. You can even find the names of those who live around you, or their age and phone number.

Ready To Look Up Someone’s Criminal Record?

Check Someone’s Criminal Record

Check Criminal Record specializes in providing low-cost criminal record checks and searching arrest history. Whether you’re checking your own criminal record or you’re curious about looking up someone else’s criminal record, Check Criminal Record can help you answer some very important questions.

Ready to get started? All you need to do is type in a name and a state (or choose “All States” to get arrest records from across America). We’ll do the hard work for you.

All criminal record searches are completely confidential.