Top 7 Most Popular Reasons to Check Someone’s Criminal Record

Look Up Criminal Records

Checking someone’s criminal record is a perfectly legal thing to do. Criminal records are public records. They’re accessible to normal people like you and me.

Why would you want to check someone’s criminal record? There are plenty of good reasons. Millions of people check criminal records every day across America to answer important questions in their lives. Here are seven common reasons why people use Check Criminal Record to check someone’s arrest records or background history.

7) Check Your Own Record

Have you been applying for jobs without receiving any responses? Maybe it’s because you have a criminal record.

Many people are surprised what pops up when they search for their own criminal records online. You may find old traffic tickets, for example, or even charges that have been dropped against you.

In some cases, you could find totally erroneous charges that somehow ended up on your record due to some clerical error.

In any case, it’s a good idea to check your own criminal record periodically. It shows you what your future employers see.

6) Checking A New Date

Maybe you met someone online. Maybe you swiped right on the man of your dreams on Tinder. Maybe you just met someone at the dog park and exchanged names and numbers.

Whether it’s the first date or the fiftieth, it’s never a bad idea to search for a date’s criminal record information. Online dating makes it easy for people to hide their true selves. Is your new date hiding something from you? Hopefully not – but you’ll never know for sure until you check their records for yourself.

5) Coworkers And Bosses

You work with certain people every day. But do you really know these people? Or are they a total mystery to you? Running a confidential criminal background check on your coworkers is a fast and easy way to get valuable information.

Has your creepy boss received sexual assault charges in the past? Are your coworkers telling the truth about their legal age? Public records searches can turn up this information and help you answer crucial information about the people around you.

4) Learn More About Your Neighbors

Are your neighbors being truthful? Whether you know the names of your neighbors or not, a public records search can give you crucial information about the people living around you.

Find out if there’s a sex offender living on your street. Discover the number of people living in the household across the street. See if the new neighbors moving in next door have any criminal history you need to know about. A quick public records search can help protect your children and your family.

3) Discover Marriage And Divorce Records

Public records searches can reveal more than just a criminal record: they can also reveal marriage and divorce records. Has that coworker in your office been married before? Did your boss really get divorced last year? A quick marriage and divorce record search can reveal interesting information.

2) Find Someone’s Real Birthday

How old are the people around you really? Is your coworker being honest about his real age? Public records searches and criminal record checks can reveal someone’s real birthdate. Many people are surprised to learn the person they’re dating is years older than they claimed to be. Others find that the opposite is true, and that the person they’re dating is years younger.

Whatever your situation may be, public records checks are an excellent way to discover someone’s real birthdate.

1) Analyze Someone’s Driving Record Before a Road Trip

Criminal record searches can turn up a wide range of information about someone. In addition to criminal records and police reports, you can find things like traffic and speeding tickets.

How good is someone at driving? Is your friend’s driving record really as clean as they claim it is? Did your boss really get a DUI while on vacation last summer? If you’re catching a ride with somebody, it’s okay to be nosy about their driver safety record!