About The Leading Criminal Search Service

Based in Dallas Texas, Check Criminal Record is a data search agency that specializes in criminal background checks and discovering criminal history records for anyone in the United States. Just give us a name and our public record search specialists will get to work!

A public records search can reveal all sorts of information about the people around you. It’s perfectly legal to check a neighbor’s criminal records, for example, or to check to see if a coworker or boss has ever been charged with sexual harassment.

Arrest records are public records. However, they’re not widely available to the public. Certain jurisdictions will only provide information to authorized representatives of search companies, for example. That’s where we want to help.

Check Background USAWe are available in all 50 states. You can check someone’s record in just one state. Or, you can check their record across all of America.

You can also check for public records information on specific addresses or households – even if you don’t know their names.

Many people are surprised to find out how much information is available in public records.

Best of all services provided by Check Criminal Record are completely confidential. The person you’re searching for will never know that you searched for them.

How We Work To Help You Find Records

At Check Criminal Record in Dallas Texas, we maintain a vast network of trusted data partners and organizations which compile our large growing databases of public records for people in the United States. After you give us a name, our specialists go to work combing through records for that state or jurisdiction. Or, we can look at records for all 50 states across America.

A criminal background check turns up a wide range of information about someone. You can uncover police records, traffic and speeding tickets, misdemeanors, and felonies, for example. You can even uncover arrests where all charges have been dropped!

Why You Need A Reliable Criminal Search Service

Reliable Criminal Search ServiceIf public records are publicly available, then why can’t anyone search for arrest records?

Many states will only give full arrest record information to individuals when they’re searching for themselves.

If you’re searching for someone else, then you may have to be an authorized representative of a government, law enforcement agency, media outlet, or search service in order to gain access. That’s why our customers rely on us to get the full story behind an individual.

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The goal of Check Criminal Record is to provide accurate information about the criminal history of anyone in your life. We do this in part, by offering easy online access to information that’s available in public records in jurisdictions across America. We provide fast, safe, and affordable services.