Is It Legal to Check Someone’s Criminal Record Without Permission?

Is It Legal to Check Someone’s Criminal Record

Maybe you’re hiring someone or renting an apartment. Maybe you’re curious about a neighbor or coworker. Whatever the situation may be, you want to check someone’s criminal record, and you’re concerned about whether or not you need permission. Is it legal to check someone’s criminal record without permission? Do you need to request someone’s permission […]

How to Check County Court Records to Discover Surprising Information About Someone

How to Check County Court Records

County court records can reveal surprising information about someone. Background check websites might check federal and state databases, but they may not check county records. County courthouses contain plenty of background information. If you were arrested in that county, for example, then you might have a record in that county – even if your record […]

What Do Employers Discover on a Background Check?

What Employers Discover on a Background Check

Most employers run a background check before hiring someone new. Whether it’s a minimum wage job or a top secret position, you may need to undergo a background check to get hired. But what do employers discover on a background check? How far back does an employer background check go? Should you be worried about […]

Top 13 FAQs About Criminal Record Checks

FAQs About Criminal Record Checks

Checking a criminal record can be confusing. Each state has different rules. Certain information can appear on one background check – but not others. We get a lot of questions about criminal record checks. Today, we’re highlighting some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about criminal record checks and background searches. Q: How […]

Reasons to Hire Someone With a Criminal Record

Reasons to Hire Someone With a Criminal Record

Employers perform criminal record checks on new employees. In many cases, employers immediately deny anyone with a criminal record. However, evidence suggests that companies may be missing an opportunity by not hiring reformed criminals. Hiring someone with a criminal record can help companies qualify for a tax credit, for example. It can also get employers […]

Why You Should Run a Background Check on Your Contractor

Why You Should Run a Background Check on Your Contractor

Millions of Americans hire contractors every year. You trust a contractor in your home – but do you really know everything you need to know about your contractor? A growing number of Americans are running background checks on contractors. Whether it’s a small renovation or a large project, your home is safer when you know […]

5 Free Ways to Check Someone’s Background Online in Seconds

Woman Checking Criminal Record Website Online

Running a free background record check on someone may be easier than you think. Today, there are several online resources you can use to find arrest records, divorce certificates, birth certificates, and more. Some people use these resources to lookup their own criminal record. Others use it to check the criminal record of a neighbor, […]

8 Lowkey Ways to Snoop on Someone Online

Searching Somone On Social Media Sites

Snooping. We all do it. Today, it’s easier than ever to snoop on people. There’s a stupid amount of information available online – if you know where to look. Keep reading to discover the top ten best ways to search for information about anyone on the internet. Use Facebook’s Search Function for Surprisingly Detailed Results […]

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Checking Anyone’s Criminal Record

Woman Searching Criminal Records

Every day, thousands of Americans scan public databases for arrest records. Some are checking their own records to see what pops up. Others are curious about the background of a neighbor, partner, friend, or coworker. Checking someone’s criminal record is generally legal – as long as you’re doing it for personal reasons and not for […]

7 Reasons to Run a Criminal Background Check in 2020

Searching Criminal Background Check on Laptop

Many people are surprised to learn that it’s legal to run a criminal background check on someone. Yes, running a criminal background check on someone is perfectly legal in many situations. Many people run a background check before going on a date, for example. Others snoop on coworkers or neighbors. Here are some of the […]

Top 5 Free Online Resources for Finding Arrest Records

Resources For Finding Arrest Records

Thanks to the internet, finding someone’s arrest record is easier than ever. There are plenty of online databases available to the public. Yes, you can legally check someone’s arrest record. As long as you’re checking the record for personal reasons (and not to hire someone or enter into a contract), it should be legal. Where […]

What Do I Need to Check Someone’s Criminal Record?

What is Needed To Check For Criminal Records

Checking someone’s criminal record is a legal and common thing to do. Every day, thousands of Americans check criminal records for personal reasons. With someone’s permission, you can also check someone’s criminal record for professional reasons. What do you need to check someone’s criminal record? What type of information can narrow down search results? Today, […]

Is It Legal to Look Up a Criminal Record for Anyone?

Woman Looking Up Criminal Records

It’s easy to look up someone’s criminal record online. But is it legal to check someone’s criminal record? It’s perfectly legal to check someone’s arrest record in some situations but not others. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about the legality of looking up someone’s criminal record. It’s Legal to Check Someone’s Criminal […]

What Shows Up on a Criminal Record Check?

What Shows With Criminal Record Check

We’ve all heard of background checks. However, many people don’t understand the difference between criminal record checks and background checks. What type of information shows up on a criminal record check versus a background check? Which check should you perform? Is it legal to run a criminal background check? Today, we’re explaining everything you need […]

How to Search Arrest Records for Anyone: The Ultimate Free Guide

Man Performing Criminal Arrest Background History Search

Searching for someone’s arrest record is easier than you think. Arrest records are stored online, and checking someone’s criminal record is a common and legal thing to do. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about how to search arrest records for anyone, including how much it costs, where to look, and what information […]

Keeping Your Kids Safe With Online Criminal Background Checks

Family Safety

Your kids come in contact with many different adults in their lives. Many of these are people that you do not know well, yet you are entrusting them to care for your children or at least keep them safe. The question is are all of these people in your kids lives trustworthy? There is an […]

How to Search Arrest History Records

Searching Arrest History Records

Searching for someone’s arrest history or arrest records online can be challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy to use government websites and online resources that can help you get the job done. Today, we’re explaining some of the best options for finding your own criminal record or arrest history, or finding […]

How To Find Someone’s Criminal Record

How To Find Someone's Criminal Record Online

Finding someone’s criminal record isn’t as hard as you may think. Thanks to the internet, you can learn a lot about someone without ever leaving your office chair. If you want to know more about the process of finding someone’s criminal record information, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our ultimate guide to finding […]

7 Easy And Legal Ways to Learn More About Your Social Media Contacts

Checking Social Media Contacts

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Tinder, you likely have hundreds or even thousands of “friends” across all your social media platforms. You might know your Facebook friends really well. But what about everybody else? Today, we’re going to teach you how to easily (and legally) learn more about the people you follow (or […]

New FAA Laws Require Commercial Drone Pilots to Undergo Criminal Background Checks

Man Piloting Drone

New FAA regulations announced this past week require commercial drone pilots to undergo a criminal background check prior to legally operating aircraft in US airspace. On June 21, the FAA finalized its rules regulating how unmanned aircraft are operated across America. The new rules specifically target commercial drones under 55 pounds, a category that the […]

How To Wipe Your Criminal Record Permanently Clean

Criminal Record Expungement

Having a criminal record can be a lifelong burden on someone. But it’s not a life sentence like many people think. In fact, there are multiple ways to clear your criminal record and move forward with a clean slate. In most cases, all it takes to wipe your criminal record clean in America is a […]

The Best Methods To Easily Learn More About Your Neighbors

Checking On Neighbors

You live, breathe, work, and sleep around your neighbors every day. But if you’re like most people, you don’t think about them all that much. That could be a problem: until you do some research, you never know who lives around you. If you live on a street with 15 houses on each side, then […]

How To Easily Protect Yourself While Using Dating Apps

On A Date In Sunset

Dating apps have made it easier than ever to find someone to hook up with. But they’ve also made it easier for people to hide their true selves. Is the person you met on Tinder really the person he says he is? Are you being catfished by that suspiciously attractive girl that just matched with […]

Which Parts of Your Personal Data Are Considered “Public Record”?

Looking Through Public Records

A surprising amount of personal data is considered to be part of the public record. You probably assumed that certain things – like marriage records – were public record. But have you ever stopped to think just how much someone can learn about you through public records? Today, we’re getting to the bottom of things […]

6 Easy Ways To Tell When Someone Is Lying to You

Woman Liar

Learning to spot a lie is a crucial skill. It can keep you out of tough situations – and it can keep you away from shady individuals. People who are dishonest and tell lies, often form a habit of this and lie frequently. Criminals are of course generally dishonest people and will often be found […]

Want To Know More About Criminal Records? We Have The Answers

Woman Finding Information About Criminal Records

Criminal record checks are a complicated subject. Understandably, people ask a lot of questions about how our services work. Here are some detailed answers about our criminal record search services. Why Do I Need a Criminal Record Check Service If Records Are Publicly Accessible? Criminal records are part of the public record. When a record […]

Who Are Your Neighbors? Learn More With These 4 Tips

Advanced Spying On Neighbors

How well do you really know your neighbors? Whether you just moved in or you’ve lived in your home for decades, you probably don’t know much about all your neighbors. You live around these people every day. Your kids walk past their homes on the way back from school. They know when you leave the […]

Do You Really Know The Person You’re Dating?

Domestic Abuse Relationship - Dating A Criminal

We live in a world where you can get a date for tonight on Tinder without leaving your couch. But how well do you really know the new person you’re dating? Whether you met on Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Instagram, Match, or any one of the dozens of other social media / dating platforms available today, […]

6 Things You Probably Believe About Criminal Background Checks

Discovering Info About Criminal Background Checks

If you’ve ever had a job, then you’ve probably had a criminal background check performed on you. There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet when it comes to background checks. Despite the fact that background checks are performed every day across America, most of us believe some ridiculous myths about them. Today, we’re getting […]

You Could Have a Criminal Record Even If You’ve Never Committed a Crime

Shocking Results From Criminal Record Search

Criminal records can turn up some surprising results about the people around you. But some of the most surprising results might be about yourself. Many people use affordable search services like Check Criminal Record to check their own criminal records, thinking that nothing will pop up. To their enormous surprise, they find that they have […]

Top 7 Commonly Asked Questions About Criminal Record Checks

Find Criminal Records

Here at Check Criminal Record, we get plenty of questions from customers about all different aspects of searching criminal records. We’re happy to answer all emails! But to make things easier for everyone, we’ve gathered some of our most common criminal record check questions here. 1) How Long Will It Take to Get a Criminal […]

4 Common Myths About Background Checks

Background Check

Thousands of background checks are performed every day across America. Background checks are routine and common, but there are a surprising number of myths about background screening. Today, we’re revealing some of the most common myths about background screening that we hear every day. Myth: “I would know if one of my employees had a […]

Top 7 Most Popular Reasons to Check Someone’s Criminal Record

Look Up Criminal Records

Checking someone’s criminal record is a perfectly legal thing to do. Criminal records are public records. They’re accessible to normal people like you and me. Why would you want to check someone’s criminal record? There are plenty of good reasons. Millions of people check criminal records every day across America to answer important questions in […]